Price: $25.00
tax free
Cherimoya is sold in orders of 5 lb. Whenever possible we pack cherimoya with lemons as packaging material. We fill boxes with excelsior (shredded wood) and use no plastic in packaging (except box tape).
We include a leaflet with every order which gives directions for ripening and handling, and some suggestions on how to eat them.
One order includes five fruit, about one pound each, for 5 lb. net (excluding lemons or other packaging material.)
Shipping is in a Medium USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes (currently $10.50).
Some customers like to get two orders, or 10 lb. This lets us pack 9 fruit, about 1.1 lb./fruit, in one Large USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate box (currently $14.20). That saves $6.80 in shipping compared to two Medium boxes with 5 lb. each.